DEKAMERON  ensemble

medieval music

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DEKAMERON   was formed in Warsaw in 1993.Members of the ensemble collaborated with other leading early music ensembles in Poland ( Ars Nova, Il Canto, Bornus Consort ) with which they have given many concerts, taking part in early music festivals in Utrecht, Glasgow and elsewhere, and recording numerous discs and radio programmes. Tadeusz Czechak attended master classes at CERIMM (Centre Europeen de Recherche et d’Interpretation des Musiques Medievales) and teaches at the Early Music Summer School in Sandomierz,and Stary Sacz, Poland. The intention of the project is to perform early music according to the canon and stylistic qualities of its time. Combining the results of their studies with original interpretation the members of DEKAMERON seek to bring out the expressive and lucid elements in the music they perform and use the wide range of moods as an opportunity for free and spontaneous music-making. This objective is also achieved through the reconstruction of early string instruments – Tadeusz Czechak is a member of Fellowship of Makers and Researchers of Historical Instruments. DEKAMERON specializes in monographic programmes presenting interestic relics of medieval music. In 1995 ensemble realised Decameron...or Story of Medieval Love , which critics compared with the best European renderings of love lyrics. In 1996 we recorded medieval Marian songs of Poland, Germany, France and Spain from the 13th to 15th century (DUX) as well as 15th Century works from the Cracow Academy ( TONPRESS ). Both releases are meant to show the place of Polish musical culture in Europe .



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